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Week 4 Match-Up - April 19th, 2003


43 - 58
Congrats Blitz!!

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CHICAGO In an effort to satisfy increased interest for Arena Football around the world, 20 foreign players have been assigned from a pool of nearly 300 international athletes, who were invited to send video to the league and/or participate in one of the overseas Arena Football training camps, to an af2 team for the 2003 season, the af2 League office announced today. An additional 27 players have been made eligible for af2 assignment.

This is a historic day for Arena Football, said af2 Executive Director Jay Marcus. Its always been a goal to expand the game around the globe and bringing these players into af2 for the 2003 season is a critical stage in that process.

Over the past two years, Arena Football training camps have been held in Australia, the Pacific Rim (held in Hawaii), Europe and Japan, sparking increased interest in the game and uncovering a previously untapped reserve of talented football players.

The talent has always been there, said AFL Vice President of International Expansion Jerry Kurz. The idea of the camps was to provide an opportunity for these players to demonstrate their skills and expose them to the game. Now were taking the next step and bringing them into the league.

af2 rules allow each team to bring in a maximum of two international players without having those players count against the team roster, meaning a team could have a 23-man roster instead of the regular 21-man roster. The complete roster of international players is listed below.



FB/LB Yusuke Yabe 6-1 260 Japan Bakersfield

OL/DL Nick Tsatsaronis 6-2 250 Canada Memphis

QB Ben Chapdelaine 6-2 220 Canada Wichita

OL/DL Matt Goreski 6-2 285 Canada Cincinnati

WR/DB Kevin Johnson 6-0 205 Canada Rochester

QB Adam Lane 6-2 195 Canada Charleston

QB Ryan Reid 6-2 200 Canada Cape Fear

OL/DL Tommy Toussaint 6-4 300 Canada Charleston

DS Daniel Williams 5-9 185 Canada Green Bay

OL/DL Dion Campbell 6-3 290 New Zealand Bossier City

QB Glenn Parke 6-4 225 Australia Quad City

FB/LB Peter Steve 6-0 240 Australia Quad City

OL/DL Stephen Stursberg 6-4 313 Germany Tennessee Valley

DS Satoru Abe 5-11 180 Japan Cincinnati

QB Hiroki Inoue 6-0 180 Japan Hawaii

WR/DB Katsuhiro Motono 5-9 185 Japan Albany

DS Kohei Satomi 5-10 190 Japan Hawaii

WR/DB Mutsumi Takahashi 5-9 171 Japan Cincinnati

DS Yuichi Watanabe 5-7 155 Japan Albany


FB/LB Nick Baldwin N/A N/A Australia

OL/DL Andrew Bennett 6-2 255 Australia

WR/DB Albert Bernard 6-2 230 Australia

WR/DB/QB Stephen Corwood 6-1 158 Australia

OL/DL Brett Davis 5-10 250 Australia

OL/DL Shayne Diener 6-2 281 Australia

WR/DB Michael Harvey 6-0 185 Australia

FB/LB Louis Lavea-Williams N/A N/A Australia

OL/DL Nigel Law 5-9 255 Australia

FB/LB Michael Mauu 6-0 246 Australia

WR/DB Karl Robertson 6-0 169 Australia

WR/DB Anthony Sinton 6-0 180 Australia

OL/DL Chris Tia 6-3 360 Australia

OL/DL Richard Tia 5-11 270 Australia

QB Joseph Toilolo 6-2 236 Australia

OL/DL Andrew Tugaga 6-0 270 Australia

FB/LB Clema Vaka 5-9 214 Australia

OL/DL Jason Vaka N/A N/A Australia

QB David Ward 6-0 200 Australia

WR/DB Mark Legge 6-3 185 Australia

FB/LB Yuji Kimura 6-1 230 Japan

FB/LB Go Konishi 5-11 230 Japan

FB/LB Tsukasa Miyamoto 6-1 247 Japan

QB Takeshi Shinjo 6-1 185 Japan

FB/LB Takamasa Suzuki 6-0 230 Japan

DS Shinichi Takeda 5-6 205 Japan

WR/LB Teruhiro Ura 6-1 170 Japan

The Good, The Bad, and well...The Really Ugly, and Lots of It!

by MJ Niemann
The BlitzKrieg WebHost
Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Okay, I have to say I was pumped up saturday night. I couldn't be at the game in San Diego, but KERN 1410AM was covering the game live. So I tuned in the radio, and was met with warm voices, one of them the Blitz' own Brad Hoffman, GM for the Blitz. The warm feelings went away really quick after the first few plays.
I heard the Blitz in trouble really early. At one point being down by 15 points just in the first quarter. However, this is arena and things can change quickly. They always seem to do that.  Finally, when the Blitz scored it seem to quiet the roaring Riptide crowd I heard over the radio.
However, my excitement seem to stay there. I heard over and over, "Oh, that pass hit him in the chest, but he dropped it." and "I can't believe he dropped that pass it was right in the numbers." or "and Elliot goes down again." Yes! I said again. NO LINE PROTECTION! Crucial in arena football, is protecting the Quarterback. Then when defense was on they just never seem to cover the offense, the secondary couldn't wrap up the Riptide to provide a proper tackle, and Special Teams weren't there. Special Teams on the Kick Return allowed not 1 but 2 touchdowns run back.
Now, these were just minor mistakes made by the Blitz, I give this up to first game jitters. And have decided to move on, and know that the Blitz will chalk this up as a learning expierence. Because their all great players, that make up a great team.
But what I won't excuse is the Refs. These men I really believe have a tough job. But with only 16 players on the field to watch, and 50 yards plus 20 yards of endzone to watch. The refs really made the game homefield advantage. Constantly I heard of recievers being mauled by the defense of the Riptide, and nothing ever being called. There also were an awful lot of unsportsmanlike calls going against the Blitz for pushing and shoving, but nothing called against the Riptide. And you all know it takes two to tango. So where were the calls against the Riptide. NOT THERE! At one point during a crucial play in the 4th quater, a Blitz reciever was manhandled by a defensive back, the flag was thrown , and then picked up by a ref and said there was no foul on the play.
I couldn't believe my ears, sure our Blitz made a few mistakes, but so did the Riptide and they were hardly penalized. However, the Refs of the game made the most and so did the af2, by hiring a bunch of guys that don't know the game. I look forward to week 3 when we meet Memphis. I really hope we have a new set of Refs, because if this behavior continues, the Blitz season is in the toliet. *

The Blitz Season Starts Now!

by MJ Niemann
The BlitzKrieg WebHost
Saturday, March 29, 2003

Time: 7:00 pm PST
Place: San Diego Sports Arena
Who: BLITZ vs. Riptide
After starting off the season with a close win against the riptide last year, but an early exit from the playoff at the hand of the Riptide. The Blitz lead by QB Chad Elliot, Coach Fuller and the rest of the Blitz Squad, it comes to payback time. Th Blitz captured the Western Division National Conference Title in their first year, and aim to repeat agian this year. With over half the team returning, it's core members are here to stablize the team, while fresh faces look to blow the competition away.

All Blitz fans can catch the game on KERN 1410 AM with Blitz anchors and add on comentary by Blitz's very own GM Brad Hoffman. Or you can go to www.sandiegoriptide.com to listen to a live webcast. This is the only way Blitz fans will be able to catch the game, short of actually going to San Diego and attending the game.

The Bakersfield Blitz and the San Diego Riptide have met a total of 4 times in regular season and post-season play. The Blitz and Riptide are all tied up in the series.
Blitz, 49-43 (SDG)

Blitz, 43-33 (SDG)

Riptide, 46-43 (BAK)

* Riptide, 40-27 (BAK)

*denotes playoff game

So cheer for our boys to run over the competition saturday night. Lets start the season off right.

The Season Is Upon Us!

by MJ Niemann
The BlitzKrieg WebHost
Tuesday, March 25, 2003

With the 2003 season upon us, the fans are looking forward to catching their 2002 Western Divsion National Champions in Action. Fuller and the rest of the boys looked primed and pumped to repeat and go further. With a full weeks worth of activities planned, this years Blitz Week will be better than ever.
With practices being held at the Centennial Garden for the Blitz Bowl II (where Bakersfield's High School All-Stars Square off),along with practices for the Blitz and The Hot Squad.  Season ticket holders get to see the Practice on Wednesday for TAG YOUR SEAT NIGHT at 6pm. As they get to receive their tickets and find their seats for this years action packed sesaon. This will also give non-season ticket holders to purchase their season tickets. After the practice, fans will get to interact with the Players and Staff for autographs and pictures.
The week ends on Saturday in San Diego, as your Blitz get to get a little revenge on the Riptide for knocking them out of the playoffs so early. This looks to be an exciting game full of hard hits and high scores as these two divsion rivals go at each other. Look for the live webcast at http://www.sandiegoriptide.com or possibly at http://www.bakersfieldblitz.com for information.
Schedule of events are listed below.

Heres a look at the schedule of events for Blitz Week 2003!

Monday, March 24

Time Event Location

12:00pm Media All-Star game Garden

4:00pm East All-Stars practice Garden

6:00pm Blitz practice Garden

8:00pm West All-Stars practice Garden

Tuesday, March 25

Time Event Location

4:00pm West All-Stars practice Garden

6:00pm Blitz practice Garden

8:00pm East All-Stars practice Garden

Wednesday, March 26

Time Event Location

4:00pm High School cheer practice Garden

6:00pm Tag a Seat Night Garden

6:00pm Blitz practice Garden

8:00pm East/West practice Garden

Thursday, March 27

Time Event Location

7:00pm BlitzBowl II Garden

About af2

Entering its fourth season, af2 serves as a grassroots, developmental indoor football league for players, coaches and officials with teams in small- to mid-size markets throughout the United States. af2 operates under the same Mission Statement and Fans' Bill of Rights as the AFL, which is currently in its 17th season and first with NBC. NBC is providing the AFL with unprecedented exposure by televising up to 70 games, including all playoff contests and ArenaBowl XVII on June 22. The af2 season kicks off in late March.



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